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These were originally designed as a gift for my brother’s sweetheart of a roommate! She loves a comic called “Bitch Planet,” a very feminist, very sci-fi exploration of women in prison as a genre.

-Gauge needs to be 24 sts per 4″ and 32 rows per 4″ in stockinette stitch with (light) worsted weight yarn . Use needles to get gauge! Any color choice works.
-There is one M size only, measured by knuckle circumference. M=7.33″

Cast on 44 sts to DPNs. Join in the round. Knit 2 by 2 ribbing for 26 rounds, then knit fair isle, as indicated below by the chart. I used a variegated yarn as the contrast color. You will follow the same chart for your left and right mittens.

Bitch Planet Mittens Chart.png

Cut the yarn of the secondary color, leaving a tail.

Thumb Gusset & Body
A thumb gusset is a set of increases that create a triangular shape in the knitted fabric, which will allow for the thumb to fit comfortably in a mitten without an excessively loose/tight-fitting wrist. To do this, you will need to place stitch marker before the last stitch of the round.
Round 1: k to marker, CO1, k to end, CO1
Round 2: knit to end
Repeat these rounds, until thumb gusset has a total of 15 sts. Knit up to the gusset sts, then place them on scrap yarn. CO1 to make up for the one lost.
Continue working on the body of the mitten. Knit plain stockinette till close to the fingertips, about 3″ from the gusset for me.

Fingertip Shaping
Place markers every 11 sts, then decrease as follows.
Round 1: (k to 2 sts before marker, k2tog) to end
Round 2: knit to end
When 12 sts remain, distribute your sts amongst two DPNs, 6 sts each. Do a three needle bind off to square the fingertips.

Slip thumb sts onto DPNs. Join in the round as you knit to reattach yarn.
For your first stitch, kfb, then knit plain stockinette for 14 rounds.
To shape, (k2tog) to end. Cut yarn, weave twice tightly through live sts. Turn mitten inside out, weave in all loose ends.



I couldn’t find a pattern for a knitted bellbag (though there were a few really good crochet ones!), so I made my own. The bag is knit from the bottom-out and up in one in-the-round piece, then the icord is made and the star is duplicate stitched on.
I knit tightly so my bag was kinda small, but it fits a couple sets of my D&D dice without looking too bulky. If you knit loosely, knit more than 3.5” of stockinette where the pattern suggests it in order to keep proportions.
The colors that are supposed to be used are yellow (bag), bright red (drawstring), and dark brown (star). If you want a more neutral palette, use tan (bag), dark red (drawstring), and dark brown (star).

-Gauge is relatively unimportant. Mine was 24 sts per 4″ and 32 rows per 4″ in stockinette. I used US size 7 (4.5mm) DPNs and worsted weight yarn in various colors.
-Size is 10″ circumference. You can make it bigger or smaller by going up or down a needle size.

Bag Bottom
Using yellow yarn, cast on 4 sts over four DPNs. Using a fifth needle, begin knitting in the round. Carefully keep track of rounds, or at least till you can spot the spiral pattern. Knit as follows.
Round 1: (kfb) to end (8 sts)
Round 2: (k1, kfb) to end (12 sts)
Round 3: (k2, kfb) to end (16 sts)
Round 4: (k3, kfb) to end (20 sts)
Round 5: (k4, kfb) to end (24 sts)
Round 6: (k5, kfb) to end (28 sts)
Round 7: (k6, kfb) to end (32 sts)
Round 8: (k7, kfb) to end (36 sts)
Round 9: (k8, kfb) to end (40 sts)
Round 10: (k9, kfb) to end (44 sts)
Round 11: (k10, kfb) to end (48 sts)
Round 12: (k11, kfb) to end (52 sts)
Round 13: (k12, kfb) to end (56 sts)
Round 14: (k13, kfb) to end (60 sts)

Bag Body/Drawstring Holes
Knit plain stockinette for 3.5″, or if you knit loosely, till it looks good. I am a tight knitter, so you’ll need to knit extra length to keep proportions right. The last few rounds, including the drawstring holes, are as below.
Round 1: (k3, yo, k2tog) to end
Rounds 2 to 7: knit to end
Cast off with a crochet hook that matches the size of your needles. With a long piece of brown yarn, begin duplicate stitch. Weave in loose ends.Bellbag Star Chart
Cast on 4 sts in red to DPNs. Knit i-cord for a length of 10″, then cut yarn and weave through live sts. Weave cord through drawstring holes. Fill bag with all of your sweet, sweet dice.