I am a firm believer in the Halloween seasonwhich is to say, that the entire month of October is ideal for celebrating bad horror flicks, for rotting your teeth on free candy, for colors like orange and purple and green.

Halloween is also an especially great time to express your creativity, and as a blogger that has previously only provided free knitting patterns, I am now expanding to share collections of the tips and tricks and interesting projects that deserve everyone’s love! Don’t worry… There’ll still be some yarny things in there. 😉

  1. Ghost Meringues – These 4 ingredient meringues look as delicious as they are cute, with a short instructional video included.
  2. Devilish Devil’s Food Cupcakes – From scratch is the best way to go if you have the time, and these awesome horned cupcakes would be an excellent use of that time.
  3. Candy Corn Cupcakes – Another brightly colored, from scratch cupcake recipe, inspired by the oddly tasty, waxy delight that is candy corn.
  4. Little Pixie Witch Sleeves and Spats – Halloween colors, black stripes, and flared ruffles make for a fantastic accessory. At 4 sts/1″, this pattern is sure to knit up quickly.
  5. Skeleton Black Cat – If you’re comfortable working in the round or would like to be, consider this recently published, excellently photographed cat plushie.
  6. Halloween Cupcakes – If you don’t have time to make cupcakes from scratch, use a boxed mix as shown in this recipe and decorate marshmallows to create a variety of designs, including pumpkins, ghosts, and Frankenstein monsters.
  7. Tsantsa – This free pattern for a shrunken head pouch would be excellent for hanging from the trees if you’re looking to opt out of the typical garbage bag ghosts.
  8. Enchanting & Magical Witch Hat – Those flimsy, ill-fitting witches’ hats from chain department stores won’t stand up to this versatile pattern.
  9. Coffin-Shaped Halloween Pop Tarts – Three ingredients, a cookie butter, and a piping bag make it easy to swap out ingredients for a tastier version… I’d use fudge instead of jam. It’s not as healthy, but it is twice as good.
  10. Stranded Pumpkin Mitts – Using muted tones of orange, red, green, and grey makes for a gorgeous mitt that you could arguably get away with wearing all season. Plus the pattern is free!
  11. MUMMY – DIY Halloween Costume & Makeup Tutorial – Pretty much all of the Glam&Gore tutorials are fantastic, but this one seemed easy while still maintaining a movie effects level quality!
  12. Halloween Spooky Burlap Table Runner – I love the bats and graveyard on either end of this free table runner.
  13. A Very “Batty” Halloween Apron Tutorial – If you want an adorable apron to wear while you’re baking all of your Hallow’s Eve goods, this is the one to sew up.
  14. Spider Web Doily – If you can’t find any doilies to sew this with, find a crochet pattern. This will give it an extra handmade touch anyway.
  15. Basic Halloween Mitts – As stated in the description, the forgiving nature of ribbing makes this free, colorful pattern fit most adults.
  16. Voodoo Doll Cookies – You had to break out your gingerbread men cookie cutters in a couple months anyway. Get it over with now, and be rewarded with these creative treats.
  17. Spooky Pumpkin Face/Trick or Treat Dishcloths – A set of three available on PayPal for only $2.00 each. My personal favorite? The seed stitch pumpkin, of course.
  18. Precious Pumpkin Beret – Another great knit to last you the duration of the Halloween season.
  19. Wicked Witch Bottle Cozy – Few other wine cozies will ever beat this one. Hat and cape, check… Broom not included.
  20. Pumpkin Tea Cosy – You can’t include a wine cozy without also including a costume for the designated driver’s drink of choice.
  21. Marshmallow Spiderweb Cake – If you don’t have time to decorate 50+ cookies or cupcakes, use a boxed cake recipe and follow this easy tutorial for a super cute, spooky treat
  22. Frozen Banana Ghosts – Not everyone is into the super sweet scene, but you’ll find a slightly healthier alternative in these chocolate coated banana pops.
  23. Ultimate Caramel Apples – The original Halloweeny fruit-covered-in-something snack.
  24. Cauldron Halloween Crochet Pattern – The sturdiness of crochet in comparison to knits makes this a go-to cauldron pattern. Using thicker yarn and a bigger hook will also result in a bigger cauldron, meaning it’ll hold more candy!
  25. Tiny Fall Patterns – Mochimochiland never disappoints with their impossibly adorable patterns, and this collection of tiny pumpkins, bats, squirrels, and footballs is no exception.
  26. Witch on a Broom – The thin line of garter stitch bumps and the hooked nose really sell this witch’s silhouette. Knit in a variety of Halloweeny colors to keep your kitchen or bathroom sink as festive as the rest of your home.
  27. Cable Knit Pumpkin – What beautiful flecked pumpkins these are! If you don’t like to waste food just in the name of the Halloween season, this should be your go to.
  28. Roasted Pumpkin and Squash Seeds – If you’re still partial to the traditional jack o’lantern, you can use the seeds up by cooking them. Roasted seeds always were and still are my favorite seasonal snack, despite my prevailing sweet tooth during the rest of the year.
  29. Crochet Ghost Coasters – A set of these for all of your guests to use would make for a pretty lively party!
  30. Trick-or-Treat Bag – No lists for a handmade Halloween would be complete without the time honored trick-or-treat bag. If you don’t have kids, you can still use it to carry your pumpkins and candies back from the grocery store!
  31. Shattered Cinderella – This is the entertaining promotional video for Glam&Gore’s macabre Disney princess makeup tutorial series. Be sure to check them out using the YouTube sidebars.

Even if you don’t have time to do a full project every day, you still have a myriad of options to choose from. Happy October 1st, everybody! See you next week!