Though not made with a beefalo wool/silk blend, this charming recreation of the Winter Hat from Klei’s Don’t Starve will still keep one warm through that dreary time of year!
You will need white, pale blue, deep red, and black yarn. I used scraps for all but the blue.
You may also choose to support the developers! This hat was not available in store when I designed this.

-Gauge of 24 sts per 4″ and 32 rows per 4″ using US size 7 (4.5mm) circulars and a nonheavy worsted weight yarn. You can use needles to get gauge, or remove/add 8 sts
-US size 7 (4.5mm) 16″ circulars
-Thin worsted weight yarn in white, pale blue, deep red, and black

Cast on 120 sts to US size 7 (4.5mm) circulars in white. Join in the round. Place st marker to mark beginning of the round. Knit 2 by 2 ribbing for 1.25″ (8 rows), then switch to pale blue.

Knit six rounds of plain stockinette. Switch to deep red, and knit fair isle motif as indicated by the chart.

dont starve

Measure the length of the hat thus far. Keep knitting stockinette in pale blue till the entire piece measures 5.5″ (more if you have a larger-than-average head).

Crown Shaping
Place st markers every 15 sts and decrease as follows.
Round 1: (k to 2 sts before marker, k2tog) to end
Round 2: knit to end
When 8 sts remain, cut yarn and weave through live sts. Make a white pompom, secure to top of hat. In black, embroider “eighth size slices” onto the white circles. Weave in all loose ends.

knitting Nov 3rd 017

knitting Nov 3rd 015